Stephen K. Boyd, LPC

Local and Remote Therapy


 My Philosophy

I believe in recovery. I believe in growth. Most people come to therapy pushed by a crisis. And their first impulse is to try to get back to where they were. That will never happen. Letting go of that possibility opens the door to not only solving your problem, but to growing--coming out the other side with something more than you came in with. We have abundant research that human beings have an innate tendency to grow. We grow physically and mentally, morally and spiritually. And in many other ways. This tendency to grow makes us more resilient and more capable.

Studies suggest that most people have some spiritual dimension that can be a great resource for healing and can be called upon in a therapeutic setting. I have long Buddhist experience, but I am quite connected to Christianity and other traditions. I count among my teachers many Tibetan lamas, a great Jewish mystic, a Sufi, and a great Christian mentor. We also have an ever-increasing body of research that shows that meditation can benefit you whether you have a spiritual interest or not.

I have 45 years of meditation experience which can be a resource for your growth. I look forward to helping you grow beyond your present situation. There are also many that who come to therapy, not to solve a problem, but for growth itself, to deepen and enhance their lives. The tools are the same. 

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