Stephen K. Boyd
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Stephen K. Boyd
1402 North Loop Blvd
Austin, TX, 78756 USA
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What I have noticed in my therapy practice is that even the same client can, over time, bring many different kinds of problems into a therapy session. So it does not seem surprising to me that I find myself using many different approaches. We might explore how your ideas, concepts, and "stories" help and hinder you. Or we might do some "empty chair" work where you enter into a dialogue with a difficult person in your life, taking both roles. Or I might invite you to close your eyes and explore a strong emotion by seeing if it has some location, shape, temperature, etc. in your body. Or suggest you do aerobic exercise or yoga; or consider trying or ceasing or changing medication, with the help of psychiatrist. Many people with no previous experience find meditation useful. All these can have life-changing effects, but only if there is a relationship of mutual respect and trust between you and me. In my experience, that seems to arise naturally.